I believe architecture is art, with a beauty that transcends the visual into what it means to be human, to dwell. I see myself as an evolving modernist, one that holds the aesthetic and social ideals existent in the roots of modernism while embracing the needs of a changing environment and culture as points of inspiration.

To create this beauty I try to understand, as fully as possible, the people for whom I design along with the specific place and purpose for building. I believe this is the core of creating a home both uniquely derived from the specifities of those who will dwell within IT and the land it will dwell upon.



Architecture is one of the most resource intensive human acts. So I believe to be an architect is to be resourceful, to make buildings that endure and prosper, physically and culturally, environmentally and economically, for multiple generations. In this way, I see the creation of a home as the building of a legacy.

For me, this means providing the highest level of service to my clients through a process rooted in research and diverse in ideation. My approach maintains an holistic vision of resources, where the physical phenomena of light, site, space and material are all integral to energy, budget, time, culture, family, relationships, and ecosystems. These are the lenses through which I collect and analyze information about site and soul. The resulting ideas form the guidelines by which multiple ideas emerge that often range from the expected to the boldly innovative.